What Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a crucial thing for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it can be even more important. Without the proper bookkeeping, a small business can rapidly fail. On the other hand, the business can become successful if things are done right. While some small business owners choose to handle the accounting part of the business on their own, others choose to use services to fulfill this (such as Cloud bookkeeper sydney, among others).


Bookkeeping is a crucial part of any small business.

With bookkeeping, a small business can record all of its transactions and events: sales, inventory, losses, earnings, purchases, payments and receipts. The purpose is obtaining and storing information about all the money that gets into the business and out of it. Bookkeeping is just one of the components of the domain called accounting.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Having a Better Cash Flow

By recording your transactions and business events, you will be able to plan ahead and make things a lot easier. You will also be able to meet deadlines and pay everything in time. A small business needs to have an effective cash flow management in order to grow. You can ensure this for your business with proper bookkeeping.

  • Performing Business Evaluations

You will also be able to make an evaluation of your business in order for you to know if the business is growing or not. Knowing where you are with the business at a certain point in time can help you to develop different strategies and make changes to improve it.

  • Developing Performance Charts

Small business owners must know when to increase the number of their employees and bookkeeping can help them to understand when it is the best time to do this. You will be able to make comparisons between the current financial status of the business and its status from the previous years. In this way, you can analyze the growth and the losses and then create charts. The growth rate of your business can be established based on these charts.

  • Ease of Paying Taxes

Another important aspect that is directly connected to bookkeeping is the way you pay your annual taxes. If you have an organized balance sheet and you know everything about the cash flow in your business, calculating annual taxes becomes easy. You will not have to search for all the bills and always be in a rush because of this. You will also spare your tax adviser some efforts and time. Instead of correcting your statements, the adviser will now be able to provide tax-related advice.

  • Ease of Reporting to Investors

Bookkeeping can help you to avoid the hassles that are usually involved in reporting to your investors. Now that you have all the charts, lists and information prepared, all you have to do is present these materials to your investors. Bookkeeping allows you to keep everything well-organized. This is not only beneficial for your relations with investors, but also in case of an audit.

  • Ease of Claiming Business Expenses

Expenses that small business owners want to claim as business expenses can be tracked and organized better with bookkeeping accounting. These business expenses must be submitted regularly.

Some people who start a small business may think that bookkeeping can be a burden. Even if it may be a little difficult in the beginning, it will allow you to save time in the long term. Proper bookkeeping (perhaps using a new modern cloud technology) is one of the things that can transform a business from a small one to a large one.